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Video is the fastest growing medium used online today. Whether for promotional, explanatory or testimonials. We can help you win with video!

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Testimonial Videos

Written testimonials are easy; a video testimonial speaks volumes about your customer’s loyalty.

  • Show that your customers are also fans.
  • Create identification on the local level.
  • Facial expressions communicate authenticity.

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YouTube Videos

50% of users watch business videos on YouTube once a week.

  • Show up where you are most likely to be seen.
  • Get more likes, views and shares.
  • Take advantage of new opportunities.

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Promotional Videos

80% of viewers remember the video ads they saw while browsing.

  • Make your ad the one with motion and sound.
  • Improve your click through rate.
  • Get your message across faster.

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About Us Videos

Communicating sincerity and passion for your business will always be more effective with video.

  • Provide a virtual walkthrough of facilities.
  • Show the diversity of your organization.
  • Communicate company size and scalability.

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Product Demo Videos

Statistics show that sales increase by over 400% when videos are used.

  • Show the benefits of your product in action.
  • Provide that in-person experience.
  • Sell more with 3-dimensional viewing.

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Service Demo Videos

Why just talk about what you do and how you do it, when you can show them the reality?

  • Increase brand recognition of service providers.
  • Accentuate the strengths of your team.
  • Shoot video in target locations.

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Client Testimonial: Global Shop Solutions

Client Testimonial: Global Shop Solutions

Client Testimonial: Allied Serivce Center

Client Testimonial: Allied Service Center

Client Testimonial: B&B Machine & Grinding Service Corporation

Client Testimonial: CGI Automated Manufacturing

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